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2017 International Education Week photo contest winners announced

The Office of International Programs celebrated this year's International Education Week with its annual photo contest, asking students to share their experiences abroad through photos. After receiving a few dozen submissions, we opened up the voting to all international students and faculty as...

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Scholar - J-1 Exchange Visitor Report End of Program

Use this form if you would like to report the end of a program for a J-1 visa holder who is a professor or research scholar to UTSA. The U.S. Department of State requires UTSA, as a program sponsor, to report when a J-1 scholar ends his or her program participation.

  • Download the form. Go to File/Save As in your browser to save the form to your desktop so that you may retain changes and email the form to others.

Note: DO NOT STAPLE THE DOCUMENTS. Please use a binder clamp or paperclip so that the documents can be copied easily.