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Why study in Mexico?

The U.S. Department of State explains why students should consider Mexico as a study abroad location that will help them advance their future careers:

"Mexico and the United States are inextricably linked by geography, history, and shared communities. As we work together to...

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Scholar – DS-7002 Form - Training/Internship Placement Plan

If you are a UTSA department that would like to host an Intern or Trainee you must read this handout and complete the included form.

The DS-7002 is a Department of State form, which serves as the official outline of the proposed internship.

The primary purpose of the DS-7002 is to demonstrate that the intern will be under continuous supervision throughout the course of his or her training, and will progress through various stages of development that are not duplicative of prior work experience.

Additionally, the DS-7002 serves as an agreement between the UTSA hosting department and the intern about the kind of tasks and objectives that will be completed during the program, and the nature of experience UTSA is offering to the participant. Finally, the DS-7002 also demonstrates the correlation between the training and the participant’s background.

Note: DO NOT STAPLE THE DOCUMENTS. Please use a binder clamp or paperclip so that the documents can be copied easily.