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Aaliyah Smith receives national study abroad scholarship

Meet Aaliyah Smith. As a UTSA College of Business student, she can’t wait to immerse herself in a semester abroad in China. aaliyah smith

Right before the winter break, she learned she had been selected to receive a scholarship from the Asia Institute’s joint scholarships with the Academy...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions for International Students Only

Do I have to enroll in the UT System sponsored student health insurance plan?

The Board of Regents of The University of Texas System requires all students holding an F1, F2, J1 or J2 non-immigrant visas have health insurance coverage while enrolled at institutions of The University of Texas. This coverage may be with the system-sponsored insurance plan or comparable coverage from another provider.

Who can I contact to request additional information regarding the student health insurance plan?

Information is available through the Academic Health Plans website.

How do I enroll in the student health insurance plan?

International students are automatically billed and enrolled in the UT SHIP after registering for classes.

What if I need to see a doctor before the insurance card is sent to me?

Students who are ill and are referred by Student Health Services to see a physician should contact the Office of International Programs (MB 1.210) to speak with the Insurance Advisor to obtain a temporary insurance card upon request.  You can come by our office (Main Building 1.210), call (210-458-6571) or email (Insurance.Advisor@utsa.edu) for assistance.

Where is the Student Health Center at UTSA?

UTSA Student Health Services is located at the Recreation Wellness Center 1.500 or in the Downtown Campus, Buena Vista Building 1.308.

How do I obtain my insurance ID card?

Your insurance card will be mailed by the insurance company to your address listed on your ASAP account. If you move, please update your address with the Office of International Programs and on ASAP.

I lost my insurance card. How do I request a new card?
If you have not yet done so, please register your Blue Access account. Once you have registered your account, you can request a new card online.

If I do not seek care from the Student Health Services, how do I find a provider (doctors, hospitals, etc.) in my area who accepts student insurance plans?

Refer to the instructions on the Selecting a Physician page.

I have health Insurance. Can I waive the student health insurance plan at UTSA?

Visit the Health Insurance Waiver page for the requirements and process to waive the student health insurance plan.  Waivers are only available during select times.  Check our website and emails for current dates

I am a non F-1/F-2/J-1/J-2 visa student and I have been charged for the student health insurance plan. Am I required to maintain this coverage?

Your visa type does not require the UTSA provided student health insurance plan. Please contact the insurance advisor regarding a waiver.

I am a new student for the summer/fall semester and I was charged for supplemental insurance ($199). Why am I charged for additional coverage?

F-1/F-2/J-1/J-2 students are required to maintain continuous health insurance coverage at all times. The supplemental insurance covers the gap in coverage of the summer and fall insurance policy start dates determined by UT System and Academic Health Plans.  Example: Fall classes start in August, however, Fall insurance policy is not effective until September.  Supplemental insurance is necessary to cover the lapse in coverage.      


Specific Questions for Faculty and Staff Members

I am a UTSA staff member on a J-1 visa. Do I need health insurance?

Yes! You must have an active insurance policy that covers the entire period of J-1 status at the time of your entry to the United States. You must present proof of insurance coverage when you arrive at the Office of International Programs for your orientation. Failure to present proof of insurance will result in termination of your J-1 program.