Health Insurance Waiver

Students with alternative insurance that meets or exceeds the UT System requirements may request a waiver of the student health insurance fee.

The university has the discretion to determine what constitutes sufficient documentation demonstrating approved health insurance coverage. Acceptable proof of coverage must be written in English and money listed in U.S. dollars.

Waiver application submission period

Summer 2014 (For new students only): May 5, 2014 – June 6, 2014

Fall 2014:  To be announced
New student health insurance waiver requirements affecting Fall 2014 waivers will be announced soon.


Annual waivers

If your insurance policy meets the requirements, you may be granted a waiver for multiple semesters up to one academic year. Please note that an academic year is different than a calendar year. A new academic year begins in the fall semester and ends in the summer semester.

Waiver process

Required for Waiver of Medical Insurance Fee

Coverage dates

Summer 2014 – 6/1/2014 – 7/31/2014

Fall 2014 - 8/1/2014-12/31/14

Minimum coverage amounts

• $500,000 minimum coverage per person, per Policy Year

• Medical: $50,000 or more per accident or illness

• Deductible: cannot exceed $500 per conditionr

• Repatriation of remains: $7,500 or more of coverage

• Medical evacuation: $10,000 or more of coverage

Business rating

Solvency meets federal solvency guidelines

Any policy plan or contract secured to fulfill health insurance requirements must, at minimum, be:

1. Underwritten by an insurance corporation having an A.M. Best rating of "A-" or above, an Insurance Solvency International, Ltd. (ISI) rating of "A-" or above, a Standard and Poor's claims-paying ability rating of "A" or above, a Weiss Research, Inc. rating of B+ or above, or such other rating service as the Agency may from time to time specify; or

2. Backed by the full faith and credit of the government of the exchange visitor's home country; or

3. Part of a health benefits program offered on a group basis to employees or enrolled students by a designated sponsor; or

4. Offered through or underwritten by a federally qualified Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) or eligible Competitive Medical Plan (CMP) as determined by the Health Care Financing Administration of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

If you are unsure if your insurance carrier meets these requirements, contact that company directly.

Steps to follow

  1. Complete and sign a waiver application:  Download Waiver Application
  2. Prepare waiver documentation: Required documents are listed on the Waiver Application Form. Documents must be in English and show amounts in the U.S. currency.
  3. Submit your waiver application and supporting documents during the published waiver period at a designated health insurance session or by email at


Summer 2014 Health Insurance Sessions






Main Building, Room 1.124



Main Building, Room 1.124



Main Building, Room 1.124



Main Building, Room 1.104


Waiver application deadlines

Spring 2014-Summer 2014: January 22, 2014

Summer 2014 (For new students only): Friday, June 6, 2014

Fall 2014: Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Processing time

Please allow 5 to 7 business days for your health insurance waiver to be reviewed. We will email you if additional information is required or if your waiver is denied.

Check your account summary

Log in to ASAP to verify if the health insurance fee has been credited or removed from your account summary.

Maintaining continuous health insurance coverage

If you are approved for a waiver of the UT System student health insurance and your health insurance is canceled for any reason you must inform us immediately.  You must maintain continuous health insurance coverage at all times to include the summer semester even if you are not registered for summer classes.