Insurance Policy Details

The UT System Student Health Insurance Plan is provided through Academic Health Plans/BlueCross BlueShield (AHP/BCBS).

  • $500,000 lifetime maximum per insured person, per policy year
  • $300 deductible per insured person per policy year
  • 80/20 payment for PPO Network services
  • 60/40 payment for Non-network services
  • 100% coverage for preventive services for PPO Network services
  • There is no maximum on the prescription benefit
  • Dental insurance is available at an additional fee

Download the 2013-2014 Student Health Insurance Plan flyer for additional benefit information.

Proof of insurance card

Blue Cross Blue Shield sends one card per school year to policyholders. In your first semester of coverage you should receive an insurance card 2-4 weeks after Census Day. (Because eligibility for the UT System Plan is contingent upon enrollment at UTSA, insurance cards cannot be sent until all students are officially registered, which is Census Day.) If you need to see a doctor before Census Day, you may request an Interim Coverage letter from Academic Health Plans.

Policy cost and coverage dates

Student Health Insurance Coverage
(includes repatriation and medical evacuation)

Period name

Coverage dates


Student & Spouse

Student & Children

Student, Spouse & Children

Annual 2013-2014






Fall 2013






Spring-Summer 2014






Spring 2014






Summer 2014







Dependent Insurance

Dependents are not automatically added to the UT System Health Insurance Plan.  To add your dependent(s) call Academic Health Plans customer service at (855)-247-7587, Monday to Friday 8 a.m to 5 p.m. or go to the Student Login at (AHP/BCBS), if you have an existing account.

Continuation of Coverage Option

The Continuation of Coverage Option is available to insured students who have graduated or are no longer eligible for coverage under the UT System plan at UTSA. Covered students must have been insured for at least six (6) continuous months. Your premium must be received by Academic Health Plans within 30 days after your UTSA Student Health Insurance Plan terminates.