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Mexico Earthquakes

On Thursday, Sept. 7 and Tuesday, Sept. 19 Mexico experienced two devastating earthquakes that caused extensive structural damage and loss of life.

As we continue to hear news from Mexico after the most recent devastating earthquake, our hearts go out to all who have been affected, including...

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UTSA hosts several special summer programs each year. These programs include the Research Immersion Camp, the Oil and Gas certificate program and summer school.

The Research Immersion Camp is a program that undergraduate students to train and conduct research with UTSA premier Researchers. Students will be matched by interest in one of several projects proposed each year by UTSA faculty.

This is a highly competitive summer program. Please note that application does not guarantee acceptance.

The Oil and Gas certificate program is a 7-month program designed to prepare mechanical engineering students with fundamental engineering knowledge necessary for successful careers in the Oil and Gas Industry.

UTSA offers a variety of courses during the first 5 weeks of the summer. UTSA summer school program participants can choose up to 2 courses.

Each of these special programs has its own admissions requirements, costs and procedures. For more information on UTSA’s special programs, contact

Carelli De la Garza Torres
Special Summer Programs Coordinator
+1 210 458 5074

Obafemi Ogunleye
Special Summer Programs Assistant Coordinator
+1 210 458 8233