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Student Profile: Melinda Fuqua

Where did she do her education abroad?  A SOL immersion in Granada, Spain, summer intensive language training

Major: Nursing

Future plans: Applying for nursing internships; she hopes to move back to the Dallas area to work and give back to her hometown community.

Goal: Improve her fluency in Spanish and become more comfortable speaking Spanish to other people. SOL provideMelinda Fuquad several hours of course work in the morning, afternoons were spent on cultural tours, and home at night to stay with her home stay family. She tried to speak Spanish to them every day.

Was it worthwhile? “When I went over, I was just a step above beginning-level Spanish. I improved a ton, I was able to tell whole stories, using past and present tenses. On the flight back, I actually couldn’t switch back to English; I was speaking Spanish in Germany.”

Connection: “It has helped me academically, moreso in nursing. I get familiar with different cultures and walks of life while studying abroad. You find all walks of life in nursing. Studying abroad helps you become more accepting of this. It enriches your mind. It expands your thought processes. Learning a language helps you to make new connections.

"It will make me more employable. In my internship applications, I was able to check all the boxes on fluency in Spanish for reading, writing, and speaking.”

Advice to her fellow Roadrunners: Don’t think: Just do it.