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Student Profile: Shelia Dorsey

Student Profile: Shelia Dorsey

College of Business immersion: Malaysia and Singapore Shelia Dorsey MBA

Major: MBA, accountancy

Goal:  She wanted to see the business operations in Asia, and her family (some of whom are still in the Philippines) encouraged her to go to both cities. Her family raved about Singapore.

Was it worthwhile? Yes! She met with the Malaysia contact at PriceWaterhouseCoopers, an accounting firm that she had interned with previously. She was able to explore the concept of Islamic accounting in a more hands-on, practical way. She had just finished a special topics course in Islamic accounting before her summer study abroad. It’s an interest of hers, and she looks forward to using what she learned abroad at her future position with Deloitte, where she will be in contact with clients worldwide.

“It was phenomenal. I really appreciated that opportunity. Just to be geographically able to see the different blends of culture while we were abroad was incredible.

“I really feel the experience to go study abroad was the last piece I needed to have a well-rounded experience and opportunity before going out into a different space. You experience a fresh perspective to the people with whom you come into contact with at any level.

Connection:  “I had previously been a middle-school teacher; the experience with working with other characteristics and mannerisms really worked when I was overseas, I picked up on different cultural norms.

“For example, in Southeast Asia, people do not point with their index finger. They prefer to use their thumb. Learning to notice and pick up on different social cues was the most important thing that I could take away from my study abroad.”

Advice: “An international experience was the icing on the cake.”