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Winners announced in UTSA’s International Education Week Photo Competition

Nearly 120 entries were submitted; top 15 displayed on 4th floor of John Peace Library.

By Sherrie Voss Matthews, International Media & Marketing Coordinator

The Office of International Programs, UTSA Libraries and College of Business-Office of International Engagement announced the top 15 winners of the first  UTSA International Education Week Photo Competition on Tuesday evening at a reception that opened the John Peace Library 4th floor to the winners, friends, faculty and staff.

Brittany Lally winning entry Children at Play
"Children at Play" by Brittany Lally

The winners are

  •  First Place, Brittany Lally, “Children at Play”
  • Most Humorous, Gaston Sanchez-Elguezabal, “Tibet: Yak and a Whole Bunch of Beautiful Sceneries”
  • Lorena Angel, “Good Friday”
  • Christine Blohm, “Candlelight & Suomenlinna Church”
  • Crystal Eckard, “A Light in the Dark”
  • Myrriah Gomez, “Barcelona Sunset from My Dormitory Window”
  • Brittany Lally, “Sunrise on the Ganges”
  • J. Patrick Lizaso, “Aoraki,” “Serenity,” and “Old Japan”
  • Mitch Oviatt, “The Sketch”
  • Caleb Whitefield Pendelton, “Treasure Along the Journey”
  • Shweta Rana, “ Concha y Toro Vineyard”
  • Erin Strong, "Celebrating FIFA Under the Tower – Spain Wins”
  • Ryota Yogo, “City of Yokahama, Japan, and Mr. Fuji”

Nearly 120 photos were submitted. A panel of six judges selected the final 15 after several elimination rounds and lively discussion.

" I loved the rich colors," said Lety Laurel, managing editor of Sombrilla and one of this year's competition judges.  "I loved the landscape and how it obviously wasn’t anywhere in the U.S. And I loved how the yak so simply, elegantly (yes, elegant) and vibrantly showed the culture of the region. It was so rich in its simplicity."

Brittany Lally, an MBA student with the College of Business, was presented with a new camera.

"I love the 'captured moment' photographs of Henri Cartier-Bresson, and to me this was a captured moment, without artifice or sentimentality," explained Lynn Gosnell, marketing and communications coordinator for the Institute of Economic Development at The University of Texas at San Antonio.

 The winning submissions will remain on display until spring semester 2012.

Top 15 International Education Week Images