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UTSA welcomes SACM students enrolled in Canadian universities

The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) is aware that Saudi Arabia has suspended government funding to students who are studying in Canada. We know this puts you in a tough situation so we wanted to let you know that UTSA is here to help.

Our admissions and student services teams are...

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Documents You Will Need

Form W-2: Wage and Tax Statement

f you worked in the U.S., you will receive a W-2 from each employer. The W-2 states your income and tax withholdings, if any, while working for a particular employer during a tax year. This information must be included on your tax return, and copy B of the W-2 must be sent to the IRS along with your return.

If you did not work, you will not receive -- and do not need -- any W-2 forms.

W-2 forms are typically mailed by January 31. You will need to contact any employer from whom you did not receive a W-2. If you suspect a former employer does not have your current address, you will need to contact the employer's payroll office and provide your current address.

Form 1042-S: Foreign Person's U.S. Source Income Subject to Withholding

Like the W-2, this form is used to report income. Taxable scholarships are generally reported to you on the 1042-S by the grantor. If you were awarded a scholarship or fellowship by UTSA or other U.S. entity in 2009, and that income was taxed, or if you claimed a tax treaty benefit for scholarship/fellowship or work income, you should expect to receive a 1042-S.

If you believe you should receive a 1042-S but do not, contact the payroll office of the institution or organization that granted the award. Please remember: If you were employed as a condition of a scholarship or fellowship, you will receive a W-2.

Form 1099-INT: Interest Income

If you earned a dividend or interest income in 2009, you should receive a 1099 or some other type of tax form from your bank or investment company. You should receive such a form for each account you have.

Contact the appropriate company for further information on what forms you might receive and when they are mailed. The 1099-INT forms will look different, but will usually have “1099” printed on them. For example, Form 1099-INT is issued by banks to show your interest income for the year.

Nonresident aliens for tax purposes are not required to report certain interest income (such as from a savings account) as wages. You may formally request your bank not mail Form 1099 by filing W-8 with the bank. Follow up with your particular banking institution regarding this request.

Form 1098-E: Student Loan Interest Statement

If you received a loan from UTSA during 2009, you should receive a 1098-E form. This is useful-- it will allow a deduction of interest income on your tax return.