If you live in a house or an off-campus apartment, you may have to arrange for the following services:

Gas, Electric, and Trash Pick–up Services

City Public Service, also known as CPS: (210) 353–2222

CPS is the energy company that you need to call to turn on your electric and gas service in San Antonio. They also provide trash pick–up services.

Water Services

San Antonio Water System, also known as SAWS: 210-704–SAWS. SAWS provides water and sewer services.


Many dorms, apartments and houses in San Antonio provide a washing machine and dryer.

Some laundry tips:

Most washing machines have three temperatures

  • Hot — for whites and very dirty clothes
  • Cold — for delicate clothing and clothing that has dye that may wash out in warmer water temperatures
  • Warm — for everything else!

Drying machines have three temperatures:

  • Normal — for regular clothes and towels
  • Permanent Press — to reduce the wrinkles in clothes
  • Low — for delicate clothes

On–Campus Facilities

There are laundry facilities available for students living on campus. If you are living in Chaparral Village, there are five laundry facilities; one is located in each of the neighborhood centers. University Oaks offers three laundry facilities, and Chisholm Hall offers four — one on each floor!

Off–Campus Facilities

There are private laundry facilities, also called Laundromats, all over San Antonio. These facilities require coins to use the washers and dryers.

Here is a partial listing:
Kwik Wash Laundry
8810 Huebner Rd., San Antonio, TX.
(210) 696–6883

Kwik Wash Laundry
12831 Cogburn, San Antonio, TX.
(210) 697–9200

Pilgrim Launderers & Cleaners
11703 Huebner Rd., San Antonio, TX.
(210) 561–2282