Welcome to the Office of International Programs.

We are the Office of International Student Services, Education Abroad Services, and International Scholar Services. We are dedicated to connecting UTSA to the rest of the world with services including support for incoming international students and scholars as well as UTSA students and scholars going abroad.

Our services include assistance with visas and logistics of travel and support for UTSA students and scholars in their studies, international research and fieldwork. We offer collaborative programs in every continent of the world. We are constantly exploring new collaborative programs, and remain committed to increasing international student enrollment and study abroad. The excellence of UTSA's scholarship has been well established; our role is to facilitate its connections to a globalizing world.

We look forward to meeting our future global roadrunners at UTSA!

Warmest Regards, 
Gigi Do, Ph.D.

Meet the Staff:

Gigi Do, Ph. D.

Executive Director

Office of International Programs


Ashley Wallace


International Student Services


Bianca Schonberg


Education Abroad Services


Tanya Orndorff


International Scholar Services