It is possible for a student's records in SEVIS to be terminated. This means that your status is cancelled for some reason and the Department of Homeland Security is notified that your status has been cancelled as an F or J visa holder.

If your SEVIS records have ever been terminated for any reason at all (such as through a reinstatement, change of status from one visa type to another, academic suspension, etc.), or even if you are currently in legal student immigration status, your SEVIS records may have a flag in the U.S. consulate's or in the port-of-entry's database. That flag will appear as a security alert with the statement "possible SEVIS violator" because only part of a SEVIS terminated record populates other U.S. federal databases. Unfortunately, that means that not every agency that may see this flag can see the reason your SEVIS record was terminated.

We are uncertain how a federal official may react to seeing this flag with no explanation of the reason your record was terminated. Therefore it is advised that if your record has ever been terminated, you should take a letter from this office clarifying the reason your records were terminated in the past.
If the termination was done at another U.S. school, you may want to contact that school for the clarification letter.

If you have questions about this please contact an international student advisor.