Eligibility criteria

Letter of invitation academic or business purpose for visit to the United States.

UTSA departments may have international guests come to our campus to conduct or attend a workshop, conference, present a lecture, observe, participate in a short training, or conduct independent research for a short period of time. An International visitor engaging in temporary academic, educational, or professional activities as described above, may not require UTSA visa sponsorship. In these cases the visitor can use/apply for a B-1 business visitor visa or make use of the Visa Waiver Program.
NOTE: The B-1 business visitor category is not appropriate for visitors engaging in active in-lab research or collaborative activities that will benefit UTSA in any way. Visitors involved in exchange programs, formal collaboration between institutions, or joint research projects from which UTSA will benefit should use the J-1 Exchange Visitor visa.
Visa sponsorship, such as the J or H category, is needed for visits lasting longer than a few weeks that involve salary paid by UTSA. If unsure about which visa category you should use for your visitor please contact Tanya Orndorff or Ashley Wallace at the International Scholar Services for assistance.
Prior to inviting your visitor to campus please remember to read important and helpful information from the UTSA Office of Research about hosting international visitors.

Possible income from U.S. sources

  • Honorarium and/or reimbursement for travel and subsistence possible
  • No salary
  • Limited to five honorarium payments in a six-month time period
  • No stay for longer than nine days at any one university if pay is included

Maximum length of stay in U.S.

  • Six months initially
  • Renewable to 12 months total


  • Quick and relatively easy to obtain and use many times
  • No government form or petition required


  • Limited stay in U.S.
  • No salary
  • Cannot stay for more than nine days at any one university if being paid
  • No collaborative research that directly benefits UTSA

Supporting documentation needed

  • Invitation letter with dates and purpose of visit
  • Proof of adequate funds
  • Evidence of return ticket